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Travelling Rhinos Project

Flattening Classroom, Engaging Minds – Chapter 2

Effective practices associated with online, collaborative projects:

  1. Joining a teacher more experienced in online projects for the first several online collaborative projects between classrooms in different countries
  2. Planning projects sufficiently far in advance to permit all partners to prepare
  3. Ensuring commitments from project partners
  4. Communicating regularly between teachers
  5. Having clear time lines in advance
  6. Using multiple communication tools, in addition to email, such as wikis, blogs, and video conferencing
  7. Using a project website to showcase student work and help to engage other classrooms in collaboration.
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Virtual Book Club

I have started reading Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. I am interested in the concept of getting students to collaborate with others in other schools and other parts of the world. I have seen some of the benefits discussed in the first chapter first hand – to a small extent.
Last year whilst involved in the Global Read Aloud our class connected with another class in Virginia, USA. Through this link students shared information. By posted video footage on our class blog, making comments through Edmodo, and commenting on their class blog students exchanged information. They were very motivated and interested in finding out about the differences between our cultures.
I would like to further explore the opportunities available during the year ahead. I think my next step will be to start local, make connections, practice using Skype or Google+ and then look for opportunities, within the curriculum, to expand further.

I look forward to exploring the Flattening Classrooms, Expanding Minds with other teachers around the world on January 8th, 11am Adelaide time.

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