Assessment for Teaching – Patrick Griffin

Professional Learning Team
1 identifies the student’s Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and describes the evidence on which this is based
2 records on the log the specific skill or concept being targeted. This is described as the learning intention(s). Depending on the developmental level being targeted, there may be one or more of these.
3 considers what the student will be able to do, say, make or write to demonstrate that the learning goal has been achieved
4 makes a clear distinction between intervention strategy and learning activity. The emphasis here is on teacher action: what the teacher will do, say, make or write to facilitate teaching.
5 considers the nature of the learning activity to ensure that it aligns with the learning intention and selected strategies
6 identifies resources, asking what support the teacher needs and whether any resources need to be sourced from elsewhere. If materials have been developed, a sample of each should be attached to the log for later reference by the PLT
7 checks whether or not the intervention resulted in improvement in the student’s ZPD, reviewing the intervention strategies and their impact. The review is at the heart of the PLT Inquiry and learning cycle.


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