SOLO Taxonomy

SOLO – Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes
I would like to use this structure with students more so that they can begin to take more control of their learning.

Pre-structural – I don’t know about…
Uni-structural – Knows a thing about topic
Multi-Structural – Knows some things about topic
Relational – Cab relate the parts to each other
Extended Abstract – Can apply learning in a new situation/ to solve a problem

First three stages involve gathering information and the last two involve using information.

Good idea about using hexagons with some of the multi-structural attributes written on them. Get students to fit these together and explain to get them to the relational stage.

Verbs Associated with Stages
Uni – define, identify, name, draw, find, label, follow a simple procedure
Multi- describe, list, outline, complete, continue, combine, enumerate
Relational – sequence, classify, compare and contrast,(cause and effect), anaylse, form an analogy, organise, distinguish, apply, explain, causes, criticise
Extended Abstract – generalise, predict, reflect, evaluate, hypothesise, theorise, create, prove, justify, argue, prioritise, design, construct, perform, formulate, generate

Introduction to SOLO taxonomy from David Didau

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