PD – Pupil Free Day


  • People appreciated the opportunity to work together in like year level groups.
  • Constructive outcomes in terms of planning – literacy and numeracy
  • Data Management system well received and teachers entered their data ( a few hiccups that will need to be sorted out)
  • Generally positive outcomes fromĀ  programs and students learning
  • Consistent feedback about opportunities to work together – admin meeting every second week, year level, curriculum area, whole school focus rotated on a 3 week cycle.
  • More people wanting to share and combine resource data bank – ideas for units of work (related to particular texts, maths concepts etc.)
  • Blog resources


Areas to improve

I felt my presentation was a bombardment of information without clear direction for staff. Next time be focused and resource that area so that participants are set up to succeed. Don’t give too much scope.

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