Morning Routine

Our morning routine is working really well at the moment. Students are rostered to run the procedure where they say “Good Morning” to each student and mark the roll, go through the daily schedule, check that jobs have been done for the day, and then review learning by asking questions.

Usually the Manager for the day asks questions relating to multiplication facts. The answers are crossed off on a 0-100 sheet. Recently we have expanded this by including challenges such as, ‘Write a complex sentence using the word…(while).’ Today we expanded this further by getting students to underline the independent clause in the complex sentence!

It is working very well, especially since we introduced the idea of bringing student Assessment Folders and a white board marker down to the floor, so that each child does the thinking and recording.

The organiser poses the question, watches to see most students respond by recording their answers on their folder (with their whiteboard marker) and then pulls a popstick out of the box with a student’s name on it. In this way each child is active in the thinking process and one student calls out the answer. Each student gets a turn as the procedure is followed until all popsticks have been used.

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