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Literacy Block

Successful elements of Literacy Block this term:

  • Class novel which links with the focus area
  • Comprehension strategies modelled through the use of the class novel, e.g. visualisation, think aloud, questions, predictions, etc.
  • Finding examples of the focus in students individual texts e.g. dialogue – explore the punctuation patterns, similes, metaphors
  • Students practising the comprehension strategies during independent reading – showing proof via post it notes, records, blog entries, goal setting and review.
  • Applying author’s craft to their own work – using dialogue – characters from the class novel (Shadow Puppets), then applying this technique to their own story writing
  • Using multi-media elements to communicate their story
  • Reading the great student written stories aloud to the class

Expand next year by including:

  • Guided Reading – as per last term, but limit to three in each group to ensure engagement.
  • Regular partner reading sessions, focusing on the reading comprehension strategies
  • Build in CAFE approach by involving students in regular goal setting – Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, Expand Vocabulary
  • Develop fluency further by adding recording of students reading aloud on their blog – Audioboo, Audacity, Educreations, Show Me
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Nominations for Edublog Awards

Here are my nominations. It was difficult to put these together as I have learnt lots from many different blogs and people over the past year.


Individual Blog – Sue Waters Blog

Students Blog –   because it is entertaining and informative with a mix of facts and opinions.

Class Blog –   because we have learnt a lot about Mrs Herod and her class whilst sharing the reading of Charlotte’s Web.

Teacher Blog –  because I have learnt a lot from reading and following Anne.

Admin Blog –

Individual Tweeter – George Couros   – always willing to share ideas and resources.

Twitter Hashtag – #glread12    first time I have been involved in this, and have been inspired by possibilities of this medium.

Free Web Tool – Animoto – kids love it. Visual medium makes it powerful.

Best Open PD – Global Ed Conference, especially the Australian components.

Social Network – Twitter
EdTech Blog – Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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Global Ed Conference

Over the past two evenings I have taken part in two Global Ed 2012 Conference sessions. The first, run by a teacher in country Victoria, showed me what students can do by running their own Blackboard Collaborate sessions.
The second tonight, run by a teacher in Western Australia, showed the possibilities in terms of projects that teachers and students can connect with, and the many benefits.

I am amazed at the possibilities and would like to trial some of these new ways of working with students. I have begun to see the benefits of Edmodo, and Twitter, and would like to explore Sykpe further.


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